About FAQS

What is a diamond cut alloy wheel?

Diamond cut alloys have a different appearance to the more conventional painted alloy wheel. This is often described as a high shine finish, upon close inspection, that resembles the finish of a CD. When you look very closely you can see very fine groves, just like a CD, and this provides a highly shiny finish to the alloy wheel.

How long does it take to repair these alloys?

Each wheel can take up to 2 hours depending on the extent of the damage. A full set will take around 5/6 hours depending on the damage.

How do you replicate the finish?

The finish is replicated by hand in a unique and uniform platform that alloys us to restore the alloy without cutting away any unnecessary metal.

How good is the finish?

The completed repair will be unnoticeable to anyone unaware of the original damage. Nissan have the highest level of details even above Ferrari and Aston Martin and we are able to pass Nissans expectations with ease.

Will it pass a lease inspection?

We have full faith in our repairs passing any lease inspection

Can you come to my home or work?

Yes we can come to you. As we use a generator we don't always need a power supply

Can I wait while you repair?

Yes you can wait if you have one or two alloys repaired. However for a full set we would advise to drop off and collect later on in the day.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a 28 day inspection period, any fault occurring from our repair during this period we will rectify it.

How do you accept payment?

We accept payment via cash or bank transfer.

Can you come to my home or work?

Yes we can come to you. Please ensure we can park on a flat surface next to your car. Access to a power supply is ideal however we do have a generator as a back up.


  • Vineet Agarwal

    Very Professional Repair Service. Highly Recommended

  • Mark Smith

    I was surprised when I looked at the bill. Their prices are the best in town. Recommended

  • Lisa Scott

    These guys are just awesome. Will use them again if needed.

  • Richard Smith

    Great repair at home on my BMW 1 series. Nice bit of "kerbing" damage repair. Bang on time, great lads, great price and service.

  • Alan Davies

    First class repair carried out at my home will recommend and have rebooked for a repair on a rear wheel later this month this guy is the best mobile repair in Yorkshire and also the best value for money.