Terms & Conditions

Quality of Repair

We aim for all our repairs to be unnoticeable to anyone oblivious to the original damage. We aim for the repair to be 90/95% approx to its original condition, however this may not apply to all repairs as it depends on colour and/or extent of the damage.

Lease repairs- Even though we do a number of lease return repairs we cannot guarantee that our repair would pass the lease inspection, the reason for this being that the inspectors are trained individuals who are skilled in pointing out after market repairs. As such we will not take liability if any further charges are incurred from the lease company.

Providing estimates

Due to our experience in alloy repairs we are able to give quotes via the phone or by email if we are not able to quote in person. However if at the time of carrying out the repair it appears that there work is more than that was highlighted we will obtain the customers permission to carry out the work at a negotiated price. It is the duty of the customer to advise if any repairs have been carried out on the areas we will be repairing. If it appears that there has been a repair carried our prior without our knowledge the guarantee maybe void.


Given that a lacquered bare machined alloy is not a strong or long lasting finish and coupled with our climate (Stone chips are one of the most common defects on diamond cut wheels which will cause water to lift the lacquer), the majority of wheel refurbishers will only offer a very limited or no warranty for this service.

With this in mind, however, we offer a 28 day inspection period, any fault occurring from our repair during this period we will rectify it (this also includes corroded alloys which generally come with no guarantees). This does not include any further damage caused to the alloys/s by driving such as stone chips or kerb damage. If for whatever reason you decide to take the car to a third party to rectify a repair we will not be liable to any cost above the invoiced price of the repair. guarantee is not transferable in any way this includes sale of the vehicle.

Your right to cancel

If after booking a repair you wish to cancel the appointment we require at least 3 days prior notice, failure to do so will lead to a cancellation fee of £50.


Unless agreed in advance we collect payment upon completion of the work.

After care

We advise for the alloys not to be washed via soap and water for 4 days after the repair. It will take upto 3/4 weeks for the lacquer to fully set so we strongly against using polishes/waxes within this period. We advise against harsh cleaning methods as well as cleaning acids that when cleaning the car. Any claim on the above may not be covered within our guarantee.

Prior to the repair

Can you ensure that the alloy wheel/s are clean prior to us coming out. In particular can you ensure they are clean and free of brake dust and gel/dressing as this could effect the overall finish of the repair. If we are required to remove this for you we will add 10% to the overall charge of the repair.

Carrying out the repair

If you do wish to drop of the alloys please ensure you give enough time prior to collecting, at times the repair may take longer than expected however you will be kept updated. If we are coming to you to repair we ask for you to provided ample space to park next to your vehicle. We take of the wheels and repair them in our mobile workshop, as a result we will use ramps to securely prop up the vehicle. To enable this we will need to park on a relativity flat surface, if parked on a slant it will not be deemed safe to use ramps.

Previous repairs

We ask for you to advise of any previous repairs.If your wheel have been repaired before this may compromise the quality of our repair and/or may take longer to carry out so an extra cost maybe added.